W Y N N E (circlesewn) wrote,

One; [voice/action]

Hello, Luceti.

[The voice is unfamiliar to most, but despite that, it is surprisingly calm and even. Wynne isn't one to show a vulnerable side if she can help it; she spent a while studying the journal and its functions. Luckily she's a fast learner.]

I imagine I haven't met most of you yet. You may call me Wynne- a mage of Ferelden, if the name is familiar to you. It would be pleasant to have someone know of my homeland, as unlikely as it is.

I'm sure I'll be getting to know most of you in time, depending on the length of my...stay, here, but I'll request that you humor an old woman. A name for a name, if you will; please introduce yourselves.

[Of course, for action, Wynne is just...out in the square, book neatly open in her lap. It's snowing, but she doesn't seem too perturbed by it. She just sits, calmly and passively, observing whoever goes by and greeting them with a wave, should they choose to look in her direction.]

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